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Predefined Columns

Andromeda provides predefined columns for common storage needs. The predefined columns become very handy when the Andromeda prefix and suffix system is used, which is explained in the next section.

The predefined columns are:

Column Type Description
user_id char(40) All users on all databases are assigned a user_id. Each application has a table called USERS and user_id is its primary key.
date date A generic date column
time time A generic time column (not datetime)
disabled cbool A generic negative flag
active cbool A generic positive flag
flag cbool A generic flag
phone ph12 A Generic ph12 column
phonex char(15) Free form field for any kind of phone
notes text Generic text column
ts datetime Generic datetime column.
desclong vchar(200) Long description
queuepos int Has automation_id QUEUEPOS
ssn ssn Social Security Number
flag_noselect cbool The UI uses this to suppress rows in dropdowns and other searches.
recnum int A SEQUENCE column that can be used for transaction tables as primary key when you don't want to use a natural key.
md5 char(32) Ready-made 32-character column.
ts_ins timestamp Automated column, gets INSERT timestamp
ts_upd timestamp Automated column, gets UPDATE timestamp
uid_ins user_id Automated column, gets the user who inserted the row.
uid_upd user_id Automated column, last user to update a row

We also have special predefined columns related to people:

Column Type Description
email char(50) Ready-made 50 character column
name vchar(40) Long enough for any name
first_name char(25) For names
last_name char(25) For names
add vchar(40) Address
add1 vchar(40) Address Line 1
add2 vchar(40) Address Line 2
city vchar(22) City
state vchar(5) State/Province
zip9 char(9) Zip + 4
dob date Date of Birth
dod date Date of Death

There are also columns useful for finance and counting:

Column Type Description

qty int Any Quantity
cnt int Any count of something
price money Any price
amt money A non-price dollar amount
pct numb(5,2) A numeric column that will accept values from 0 to 100.

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