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Creating an Application

You create an application by first logging into the Node Manager, clicking on "applications", clicking on [New], and filling out the form. After you save, you build the application for the first time to create your folders and skeleton files.

Once your application is built, you can examine the skeleton files and begin describing your database and then go on to custom pages.

Logging Into The Node Manager

During your installation, you provided a "root" or "superuser" password for your Andromeda system. Provide that username and password to log in.

Create an Application

On the menu system, select "Applications: Applications":

Then click on [New] to get the new application details:

Fill in the Details

You must fill in these details:

  • Application: A short code that you will use to refer to the application, such as "example", "medbill", "magdist" or something like that.
  • Description: Anything you like.
  • Bootstrap spec: Do not change the default.
  • Library spec: Do not change the default.
  • Spec File: Make this your app code + ".dd.yaml", as in "example.dd.yaml".
  • Overwrite From Subversion: Should be "Y" for production servers, "N" for development stations.
  • Subversion URL: location of your repository (production servers only).
  • Subversion Username: Subversion username.
  • Subversion Password: The password. These are stored in plaintext, you have been warned!
  • Nickname: Select "DEFAULT"
  • Allow Group Roles To Login: Select "Y" if this is a low- security site that will not have financial or personal data. This makes some coding tasks easier but if vulnerabilities are found in Andromeda it could make your application less secure.
  • Hardened Password Security: If you select "N" then user passwords are stored in plaintext and can be mailed to them. If you select "N" then users can reset their passwords, but they cannot recover them.
  • Extra Dirs: do not use.

Save and Build

After you fill in the info, click on [Save]. You will see a new link, "Build This Application". Click on it and watch while your database is built and the skeleton files are created.

What Next

The next two major sections of this documentation cover the two things you need to know: Database Programming and Web Programming.

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