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Bug fix announcements are available on our Google Code Updates page.

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Kenneth Downs- Andromeda Creator: The Database Programmer

Donald Organ- Project Maintainer: The PHP Guy

We Are Looking For...

  • PHP Developers
  • Postgres Gurus
  • Graphical Designers

About Andromeda

Andromeda is a programmer productivity tool, our only measure of success is how much we can reduce labor and increase quality. We want to help you to get it done, get it right.

Andromeda's primary unique feature is our incredibly powerful data dictionary, which allows you to radically apply the D-R-Y (don't repeat yourself) principle when creating applications. This feature is not present in any other framework that we have found, and it will change the way you work on projects that require powerful database features.

The Andromeda philosophy is to help or get out of the way. Andromeda has features to speed up accurate development at the database level, PHP level, and in the browser, but the programmer can always 'escape the box' without fear of a dictorial framework.

Big Changes Coming

Coming in about 2-3 weeks Andromeda will begin using composer.  This is an effort to separate the "library" portion of Andromeda from the Node Manager, which will become its own application separate from the "library" component.  Andromeda will also support start to use Smarty3 for its templates.  You will also be able to put your Andromeda application anywhere on your filesystem as we will eliminaate the need for a root directory under which all your Andromeda applications live.

YAML Editor Coming Soon

YAML editing is on its way!!

New Commenting System

We have changed the comments system on the documents page to use discuss.  This will help filter out spam and well as allow for Social Media integration.

The New Andromeda Interface

Heres some screenshots of the new new bootstrap interface for Andromeda


Welcome Screen:

Edit Application:

Pull Code from Subversion:

Built in Documentation Screens:

Andromeda on Ubuntu 13.04

We've started working on cleaning up our documentation and our first step was to get documentation on how to run Andromeda on the latest version of Ubuntu. Click here for the instructions on running Andromeda on Ubuntu 13.04.
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